An image of a man sitting in front of the Golden Temple
January 20th, 2018 by Sabine Jansen

Following the huge amount of traffic some of our articles have received, it seems like a good time to give a brief introduction and welcome from myself, Sabine, and my colleague Markus and explain our interest in Sikhism!

About US

Many of our readers have asked why two Germans are so interested in Sikh culture. To answer your questions, both Markus and I have been immersed in Asian principles for many years, and we have both focussed our studies on Sikhism.

For me, the culture of Sikhism has always been fascinating and has continued to draw me in over the course of my life. I spent a year travelling India and being fully immersed in the culture and religion of the country, focussing primarily on Sikhism (and a little Hinduism too) and the traditions that surround the religion. Without a doubt, the most memorable experience from my whole year was visiting the Golden Temple – this is something that will stay with me for the rest of my life. Having spent my childhood split between my hometown of Munich in Germany, and boarding school in the UK, my interests now lie particularly with the events in these countries.

Markus has a similar educational background to me, having studied the inner workings of Sikhism for many years.  He has spent many years travelling between the UK (where he has family), India, and Germany and his predominant interest is the politics of religion, which you will find reflected in his articles.


An image of a man sitting in front of the Golden Temple

About the Gurdwara Times

The Gurdwara Times was originally founded by Markus in 2009 in a simple print format. As of 2017 we have had a complete revamp of the website and started this new domain.

We aim to provide a variety of articles, reflecting current Sikh news, culture, and history. We realise that some of our articles may spark healthy debate, and as long as all comments are written with good intentions and are not designed to offend, they will be published.


If you have any questions for myself or Markus then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us via the Contact page!



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