Established in 2009, The Gurdwara Times is an independent, progressive, Internet-based, voluntary, non-profit, media watchdog project directed at compiling noteworthy news and analysis from around the world on issues of concern to the global Sikh community. We also regularly publish cultural and historical articles.

Coverage topics include self-determination, democracy, human rights, civil liberties, antiracism, religion, and South Asian geopolitics.

Via reviews, biographical sketches, interviews, and media watch The Gurdwara Times undertakes to disseminate to the Sikh community a deep understanding of how various oppressed, peripheral and minority communities and peoples cope with challenges similar to those that confront the Sikhs.

It is hoped that a broadening of context and perspective thus achieved will empower Sikhs to make enlightened and informed decisions about their own affairs.


Barring the following exceptions, all news analysis items are reproduced verbatim with source.

  • Headlines
  • Short blurbs in gray immediately following the bylines
  • Abridgement
  • Corrections pertaining to grammatical errors
  • Edits aimed at achieving consistency of style
  • Clarifications, references and translations in [square brackets]

The Gurdwara Times welcomes all serious feedback, enquiries, criticism, submissions, and contributions.


The Gurdwara Times publishes a regular newsletter containing highlights pertaining to news, analysis, editorials, opinion, biographies, reviews, events, links, and photographs.

About the authors of The Gurdwara Times

Sabine Jansen

Sabine was born in Munich, Germany in 1990. She studied at a boarding school in the UK where she developed passions for writing and music. She stayed in the UK to complete an undergraduate degree in Theology, specialising in Sikhism before going on to receive a Masters Degree in Journalism. Sabine has a keen interest in Asian culture and has written for a number of major UK and German publications over the past ten years. Sabine now resides in Munich with her partner and two cats. She returns to the UK on a  regular basis to continue her studies of various religions.

Markus Müller

Markus has dedicated his life to the study of Sikhism. Following the completion of his studies in 1989, he traveled Europe and Asia extensively where he further developed his interest in Asian culture and religion. Markus founded the Gurdwara Times in 2009 to express his interest and appreciation for the Sikh community and religion. He lives with his wife and enjoys spending time with his three young grandchildren.

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